• Sarah Kauffman
    King Soopers's staff have said that Sarah Kauffman
    is worthy of many awards. She has consistently received
    very positive feedback on her work performance over the past
    two years. Employees and staff have commented often that
    Sarah is punctual, hard working and takes her job seriously.
  • Joey Talbot
    Joey Talbot was the winner of the Achievement
    in Personal Growth Award because he has reached
    and maintained the highest level allowed by his
    therapist. Joey presents a good example to the other
    clients by going to work every day at the Laundry. Joey
    is able to get his point across to staff even though he
    has difficulty talking.
  • Patty Roos

    Patty started volunteering at the Goddard School
    in October of 2010. She loves helping out and
    interacting with the children. Her supervisors
    have reported that she does an excellent job. Patty
    is a true inspiration, and sets an example of how people
    with developmental disabilities have much to offer our
    next generation.

Who We Are

Continuum of Colorado is a 501 (c)(3), nonprofit agency providing services to people with a wide range of disabilities. We are a commonly controlled entity of Developmental Pathways, a Community Centered Board that serves Arapahoe & Douglas Counties and the City of Aurora. Our Vision is to provide innovative and effective services characterized by self-direction, choice and respect for people with developmental disabilities and their families. In 2012 we became a licensed Home Care Agency and now offer a multitude of services to clients needing support including to those in the non-developmentally disabled community. Continuum of Colorado is a subsidiary of Developmental Pathways, they serve thousands of people with developmental disabilities and their families in a variety of settings and services, depending on need.

For more information please visit www.developmentalpathways.org.